About Enbase

Enbase is a new breed of technology company. First, we focus exclusively and intensely on oil and gas, and always have. Yes, we are engineers and process automation experts, but we are first and foremost students and subjects of the global energy industry. We exist and invent to help drive it forward. We believe it’s critical to understand our customers’ business models at the molecular level – because a technology solution that actually delivers on its promise is all about focus. We focus on oil and gas. Period.

Second, we’re here to get into the trenches with your team and provide oilfield solutions that deliver off-the-charts operations performance and safety. As anyone in the oil and gas industry knows, this kind of performance is never accomplished through a single product or service. It’s accomplished by cutting-edge engineering, collaboration, passionate leadership and a deep understanding of the many parts and pieces that lead to the whole.

Enbase is the company that Powers the Digital Oilfield. Founded by engineers out of Rice University and headquartered in Houston, Texas, we deliver superior operations and safety performance through predictive and proactive, decision-making technologies. We partner with our customers and go deep to solve significant challenges and open incredible new business opportunities together. If you’re looking for this type of energy technology partner, then we’re ready to get to work.